Torry Courte – Nickelback Dark Horse Layout

Client Nickelback / Roadrunner Records

Year 2008

Website Layout for Nickelback by Torry Courte for their “Dark Horse” Release.

Image of Nickelback Dark Horse Layout Version 1 by Torry Courte

“Dark Horse” Layout.

This design project was a simple website layout done for Roadrunner Records recording artists “Nickelback” for their 2008 “Dark Horse” album. The layout was entirely based around the existing album artwork and photographs provided to me, and involved breaking down those elements in photoshop, and creating a layout that would work for their website. The layout needed to encompass the website “widget” for the site, which ended up going inside the belt buckle photo. There were several comp images that were created for the site, two of which are shown on this page.

Image of Nickelback Dark Horse Layout Version two by Torry Courte

Torry Courte Designs – Nickelback Dark Horse Layout V2

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