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Image of The Long Road website by Torry Courte

Torry Courte – Nickelback The Long Road Radio Website

Client: Nickelback/Roadrunner Records
Year: 2003
Work Done: All design and development work, flash, actionscript programing, graphic design and photography for some site elements.

Image of Torry Courte - Nickelback Radio website design

Nickelback The Long Road (design by Torry Courte)

This is the website designed and developed for Roadrunner recording artists Nickelback. This site was created for “The Long Road” album cycle in 2003.  I was approached by Chief and Ryan Peake about designing a new website for the band at the recommendation of a mutual friend. They had recently achieved major success with “How You Remind Me” so it was a great opportunity to work on such a high-profile project. Ryan Peake was a big Weezer fan, and I remember from our initial project meeting that he had liked the quirky nature of Weezer’s website they had back then, which was an interactive flash experience for the end-user. We wanted to create a site for Nickelback that was immersive and interactive for fans to explore.

The site itself was incredibly challenging to develop, requiring not only a lot of graphics work, but a large amount of programming and testing. This was during a period where computers were still somewhat limited in CPU power, and a lot of people in the United States were still using dial-up internet connections. Because of that, we ended up creating a high bandwidth and low-bandwidth version of the site to accommodate those users.

Torry Courte - Nickelback Radio Tour Dates Image

Nickelback The Long Road Tour Dates

The site was loosely designed to look like a vintage radio. The inspiration was an old tube preamp that a friend of mine had in his studio I was working in. The actual tubes along the top were from a photo I took of that preamp. The rest was done in Photoshop, and coded in actionscript. One of the distinctive features was the ability to “skin” the radio, which would set a cookie to remember your skin setting next time you visited the website.

The site had a music player, news section, tour dates, biography, as well as a photo gallery.

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